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JilankaNET is a reseller of computer equipment from industry leading manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Asus, E-Machines, Toshiba, Sony and many other respectible system manufacturers. Click on the image below to vist our shop

Website Design  & Development



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Professional website design & development, web marketing, Search Engine Optimization, logo design and much more!

JilankaNET provides IT-service and Web solutions for individuals, non-profit organisations, community groups, bloggers and small business enterprises. We are a creative, young and dynamic  team based in the United Kingdom, and The Gambia, West Africa. We can provide our customers with everything they need from launching a website, maintain it and extending it to any new media platforms, to suplying quality and cost effective IT Systems to our clients. Our expert website designers and developers are skilled in FLASH, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails and various other content management platforms. Our developers offer effective, bespoke and custom web solutions that are both professional and affordable, as well as a wide range of competitively priced SEO packages. Many large companies can provide stylish web designs but, because we are a small and dynamic independent UK and The Gambia based team, our custom website packages are able to deliver professional designs and high quality programming at an affordable price - And we offer a level of personal service and flexibility that large web development companies struggles to match. Contact us for our website design pricing here or request a free quote here.



Web, Mobile, Social - Publish Once, Be Everywhere


The internet just keeps getting bigger and your customers want to find you everywhere. We design your website the way you want it and we'll make sure we publish it correctly for web, mobile and social. Our software automatically creates a mobile optimised version of your website, and we'll even push your entire shop into Facebook with just a few clicks. As the online space continues to evolve it's our job to evolve with it and make sure your site is everywhere it needs to be without you having to worry! Additionally, once we design and publish your website on the World Wide Web, you have the option to manage your own website without a need for any technical expertise. Its as simple as that! Alternative, for a small annual fee, we are happy to keep managing and update your website content at regular intervals. Whatever you you like to do, speak to us and we shall be happy to oblige!


Whether you are an individua or a business and you are looking for ICT service, you have come to the right place. We supply most computer systems ranging from laptops, workstations and printers. Visit our online store for some of our featured productes by clicking here >>

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